1. General Provisions

These are the general terms of use (later referred to as "Terms") of PLAZA FISHING (later referred to as "Service"). The user of the Service (later referred to as "User") must read these Terms carefully before using the Service. These Terms apply to every action the User takes within the Service.

There may also be certain special terms (such as terms of contract relating to the online store or product reviews) that are applied to the use of certain features of the Service alongside the Terms listed here.

2. Rights and Limitations Regarding the Use of the Service

The User has the right to view and browse the Service and its content, including but not limited to text, product information, images, brands and logos (later referred to as "Content"). The User also has the right to use the services provided by the Service. The User may not edit or replicate the Content in any way or distribute, share, transfer, publicly display or otherwise publish the Content either in part or in full, in edited form or as is, with the exception of acceptable linking detailed in Section 6 of these Terms.

Plaza Fishing grants the User a limited right of use to the Service as detailed in these Terms. This right of use only covers personal use and the User may not use the Service or its Content for commercial purposes in any way. Plaza Fishing only grants the User the rights detailed in these Terms. All other rights to the Service and its Content are withheld.

The use of the Service is only allowed in accordance with applicable legislation and the Terms currently in effect. The use of the Service may be further guided by separate guidelines and conditions issued by the Service provider. The User may not interrupt or attempt to interrupt or otherwise disrupt or attempt to disrupt the Service in any way.

The User may not use the Service (i) for illegal purposes; (ii) for activity aimed to interrupt the Service, hinder other user's ability to use the Service, or otherwise disrupt the use of the Service (e.g., by injecting into the Service viruses, trojans, or other material capable of affecting the programming structure of the Service); (iii) to collect or save other users' personal data; (iv) to forge or otherwise edit the title or identifier information in order to conceal the origins of content relayed through the Service; (v) to portray himself/herself as a representative of Plaza Fishing or its group company or other such party; (vi) to give any type of false information.

The User may not send, edit or publish any content (including but not limited to texts, images, brands and logos) within the Service that (i) is against the law or good practices or otherwise unfit for publication, (ii) infringes the rights of a third party or (iii) advertises products or services without the right to do so.

The User may only send, edit or publish content within the Service to which he/she owns all the rights, including the right to relay the content to Plaza Fishing and allow Plaza Fishing to publish the content in question within the Service in its entirety or in part without any responsibilities or obligations to pay. The User agrees not to make any demands of Plaza Fishing based on the content sent, edited or published by the User within the Service.

The User relieves Plaza Fishing and all the companies belonging to the same concern at any one time and all their representatives, executives and employees of all responsibility regarding demands rising from the User's use of the Service or from content sent or relayed by the User within the Service. Plaza Fishing does not review the content sent or relayed by the User within the Service and takes no responsibility for it. Plaza Fishing reserves the right to remove at any time any content that the User has used or sent to the Service without prior notification.

Plaza Fishing has the right to limit the use of the Service or parts of it at any time and to prevent the User's access to the Service for a justifiable reason. Plaza Fishing may use the aforementioned rights without any prior warning or liability to compensate the User in any way. Additionally, Plaza Fishing reserves the right to appeal to all the legal rights made available to it by a breach of the limitations defined in these Terms.

3. Handling of Personal Information

Plaza Fishing handles all personal information in accordance with current US Goverment personal data legislation and functions as the controller of personal data file. The personal information of customers is handled in ways described in the Description of File.

4. Cookies

Cookies may be sent to the User's browser. A cookie is a small text file that allows PLAZA FISHING to collect data on how and when the Service is used. A cookie may store such information as when and and what pages the User browsed, what browser he/she used, and from where the User arrived at Plaza Fishing. Cookie information can also be used to produce customer-specific advertising.

The purpose of the use of cookies is to analyze and develop the Service to better serve the User. The data from cookies also helps in tracking visitor statistics and measuring the efficiency of various features of the Service.

The User has the option to disable cookies from his/her browser settings, but this can have adverse effects on the usability of the Service or even prevent its use altogether.

5. Immaterial Rights

The Service and the Content are owned by Plaza Fishing or its partners and they are protected by copyright law and international copyright agreements. All immaterial rights to the Service and its Content (such as copyrights, registered and unregistered trademarks, copyrights of design, domain names, patents, database rights and trade secrets) belong to Plaza Fishing or its partners. All rights reserved.

6. Linking to or within the Service

The User may add links to the Service onto his/her own website or websites. The links cannot contain any Plaza Fishing trademarks in picture form. The links must open in a separate browser window and not in the frame of the linking page. The look, placement or any other features of the links must not give the false impression that the linking website or the features, services or products related to the linking website are affiliated with or sponsored by Plaza Fishing.

Plaza Fishing reserves the right to unilaterally forbid any individual party from linking to its Service at any time without any obligations to explain the decision.

The Service may contain links to websites owned and operated by third parties. Plaza Fishing does not monitor or review the content of the third party websites it links to, nor is Plaza Fishing responsible for the content, accuracy, reliability or data security of the third party websites. If the Service contains a link to a third party website, it does not indicate that Plaza Fishing endorses or advertises the services provided on that website in any way, nor does it say anything else about the relationship between Plaza Fishing and the third party website in question. The third party websites linked to within the Service are not a part of the Service nor are they under Plaza Fishing control in any way. The User understands and accepts that clicking a link to a third party website transfers the User out of the Service and that the User uses the third party website on his/her own responsibility. The User must carefully read the terms of use and other possible terms and conditions of the third party website before using the services provided on that website.

7. Liability Limitation

Plaza Fishing provides the Service and its Content "as is", without any guarantees. Plaza Fishing cannot guarantee the continuous, flawless and timely usability, functionality or recoverability of the Service. Nor does Plaza Fishing guarantee the inviolability of rights or the accuracy, reliability, mistakes, errors, inaccuracies or other faults of the information seen, provided or relayed in the Content or the Service.

Plaza Fishing gives no guarantees as to the protection of the Service. Plaza Fishing does not guarantee that the electronic messages sent through the Service are free of viruses or other harmful components. Plaza Fishing cannot guarantee the data security of information sent via the Service. Plaza Fishing is not responsible for any information sent or received by the User, nor is Plaza Fishing responsible for any information the User fails to send or receive.

Plaza Fishing is not responsible for any direct, indirect, immediate or consequential damages, damages based on liability, or damages from special risks (including damages from lost business, contracts, profits or data, and damages from interrupted business activity) that result from the use of the Service or its Content, the unsuccessful use of the Service or its Content, or from these Terms regardless of whether the damages are based on an agreement, rights violation, negligence or other basis, even if Plaza Fishing had been notified of the possibility of such damages beforehand.

8. Changes to the Terms

Plaza Fishing reserves the right to alter these Terms as it sees fit. Possible changes to the Terms take effect once the changes have been publicized on the Service, after which they are applied to the actions of the User within the Service.

Plaza Fishing reserves the right to make changes and corrections to the Service and its Content and to remove any parts or features of the Service at any time without prior warning.

9. Applicable Legislation

US law is applied to these Terms, excluding the US conflict-of-laws rules. In dispute situations concerning these Terms or their application the parties aim to solve the situation primarily through negotiation. If a dispute cannot be solved through negotiation, the dispute is taken to the District Court in US. A consumer customer may also take the dispute to be solved in his/her local District Court or Consumer Dispute Board.

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